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Tree Services

We are the leading tree services contractor for residential and commercial projects. 

If you hire us to perform tree trimming or tree pruning services every now and then, you will get rid of numerous concerns like dead or fallen branches, overgrowth, brittle limbs, and insect infestations; situations that keep your trees from growing and expanding freely.  


At Casas Trees & Hardscape Services LLC, we’re not limited to helping you select the right plants and taking care of the maintenance but we complement your green areas with the needed concrete fixtures to allow easier access and create the perfect conditions for you to actually enjoy your outdoor experience.  

Tree Removal

To improve the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your property, you must rely on a reliable contractor who can artistically handle the required tasks, incorporating garden design and architectural elements. With more than 20 years in this field, we can easily handle any plantations and maintenance services within the established time and budget.


A healthy landscape is the result of a harmonious balance between hydration and drainage.

Our drainage and irrigation systems collaborate to give your plants the ideal moisture levels they need for healthy growth. A well-done drainage system prevents root rot, fungus, and other diseases that could endanger the health of your landscape, while proper irrigation prevents under or overwatering.

Retaining Wall

Your landscape design is not complete without the needed fixtures to unlock a place for comfort and relaxation that will transport you and your visitors to a place that really stands out for your personality and vibe.

Our skilled team has the experience and tools to build your sidewalks, patios, and retaining walls, among others. We’re specialized in managing any type of material whether it’s natural stonework, walls Brick Flagstone walls, or paver installations.